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One of my favorite games for iOS. The gameplay is perfect but the graphics could use a revamp. Im sure if they were improved much more people would be playing.


Tons of content (already played four hours or so on just 1/13 characters), interesting and varied enemies, challenging level of difficulty and terrible graphics. If you like board games like Dominion or Star Realms, youll feel right at home. This is some of the best money Ive ever spent for an app, full stop.

Deep, subtle, addictive and clever

Behind the home-brew graphics lies a rich and varied gaming experience built on simple and easily learnt rules. The decks of cards you build for each different class if adventurer have very different feels to them as you play, and as you play through the procedurally generated dungeons more classes and content are unlocked as rewards. This means that you always have something new to try, and every death is a window to a fresh game. Extremely addictive, thoroughly recommended.

Awesome Game, Poor Artworks

Vert nice deckbuilding/rogue-like game. You should really try it :)

Best Game Ive played on iOS

Great gameplay and balace - makes it easy to ignore the clunky interface.

Best game. Love it <3

If you like magic the gathering you will love this. Apart from bad graphics this game is perfect. It is strategic, it is fun and there is infinite options for infinite hours of fun.

Fun roguelike with card battles

This game combines the usual roguelike mechanics with an unusual combat system. While it is different to be sure, it works wonderfully. Its fairly difficult but as you progress and die, you unlock stuff which makes it easier for the next run. For fans of the genres, this is a must have. Things Id like to see are a bit more balance (I seem to run into impossible enemies often) and option to perhaps spread out the floors (I.e. More floors and slower ramp-up of difficulty). Ill likely boost this to five stars after a few updates.


Dont let the graphics fool you, this is a great game!!!!

Addictive Roguelike

A great game. Well thought out, difficult, always something new to discover. Kept me playing for hours. A tutorial or help file would have been nice.

Its a great game

It looks like a school project, but the gameplay is awesome. Cant put it down. Reminds me of Underworld (A+ game with C- graphics) Buy it!

So much depth

It may not be visually impressive but it is very deep.

Buy it!

Great gameplay, graphics are not the selling point but are fine, and obviously much replay value since its roguelike. Still, its not dull and repetitive. Worth the buy!

Could be brilliant

The systems are great. But its disappointing to keep losing these great characters to permadeath. Thats a "feature" of roguelikes but I think in this case its just too punishing. Flexible difficulty options and/or the ability to restart a floor would be welcome additions to this otherwise incredibly fun and deeply designed game.

Stop what you are doing...

... And download this app right now. Ignore the graphics. If you are any kind of Roguelike or CCG fan, this is the game youve been missing in your life. Bought it yesterday and I am officially hooked.

challenging and addictive

I cant believe no one has made something like this before. The game is like Ascension mixed with Magic the Gathering/shandalaar. You basically try to get through 3 levels of increasing difficulty (harder monsters to beat). Gameplay involves developing your character by collecting more and more powerful cards to defeat more powerful monsters. You can do this by buying cards in randomly occuring stores on the map, find them in treasure chests or get them when you level up. Each monster plays differently with their own special strategy/cards. The game is difficult, though, sometimes you have to rely on being lucky in getting the right cards, and the bosses are tough. The game is very replayable because the dungeons are randomly generated (with forest areas, volcanic areas, etc.) and there are different classes you can play and unlock. Unlocking is actually a big part of the game. The game has achievements you can attain (e.g. kill x fairies), which can enable you to unlock cards, abilities, characters, etc. That is a big part of the addiction!

Great game

The simplistic graphics take away from nothing. Its challenging, interesting and has kept me coming back again and again.

A short (but deep) deckbuilder

Games that take 5-15 minutes. Unlockable achievements. Magic and prayers and logic and swords. We all have to comment on the crude(?) art but it is stylistic and effective. I have played several dozen games (yet to win) and still keep seeing new things every time. Thank you for this. <3

By far the best game on my iPad

If you judge this game on the graphics, Im afraid it will be your loss, as ugly as the graphics are, the game itself is one of the best games Ive ever played on iOS. It is first of all the most unique game Ive ever played. Its a blend of two genres. Roguelike and deck building , in a fantasy environment. The game has more depth then any game Ive played on iPad. You start with 4 base classes, and through unlocking achievements you will eventually have access to 13 classes. Each unique in how they play.i cannot recommend this game enough. If your passing it because of the graphics you are unfortunately the one that is missing out. This is a must play game.

Deserves more exposure

One of the best sleeper hits of the year. Love that you can earn achievements to unlock stuff as well as points to unlock those achievements if you are having difficulty. Steady progression and unlocks so its never frustrating. Ive sunk so much time in this game. Looking forward to seeing what else this developer comes up with.

best mix of two genres ever

This deck-building rogue-like is a great combo (awful art aside) of two genres that someone should have thought of years ago. There is a wide variety of new classes and cards to unlock, as you slowly reach new milestones in your failed runs. This game is VERY difficult to win on "normal" difficulty. It probably took me literally a hundred games before I won last night (I recommend playing Paladin) and that was with some lucky breaks. The newest version eliminated the crash bugs.

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