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Dream Quest app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 4608 ratings )
Games Card Role Playing
Developer: Peter M Whalen
2.99 USD
Current version: 1.12, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 15 May 2014
App size: 154.12 Mb

Play cards! Kill monsters! Level Up!

Dream Quest is a roguelike deckbuilding game inspired by the likes of Ascension, Magic: the Gathering, and Shandalar. Explore randomly generated levels as one of 13 classes in short, 30 minute, sessions. One floor might find your wizard in the crypt, another your warrior underwater, and a third, your assassin stalking a volcanic wasteland. As you progress, your characters earn achievements, each making your future runs a little easier or more interesting.

Combat is a card game. Your abilities are a deck of cards that you develop as you gain power. For example, a thief starts with a handful of Slice cards and a Backstab, but can learn defensive moves like Dodge or powerful finishing moves like Coup de Grace. Carefully choosing which cards to add to your deck is the heart of the game: wise choices will find you slicing through monsters while poor ones will leave you tripping over your own two feet.

•14 different classes, with wildly different play styles
•Over 300 cards, ranging from the defensive Kick and Armor to the devastating Meteor and Curse of Doom
•More than 70 monsters carefully catalogued in the Bestiary as you encounter them
•Infinite replayability – easily 50 hours to see the majority of the content
•No In App Purchases – the price of the game is the price of the game. Everything is unlocked only by playing.

Reviews of Version 1.0 have been fantastic! Examples include:

"Dont be fooled by its simplistic stick-figure art – Dream Quest brings together roguelike dungeon-crawling and deckbuilding to create a truly unique challenge"

"This game is really one of a kind. The mix between rogue-like and cards is really well done...Kudos to the dev for such an innovative and challenging game"
-Mike32, TouchArcade

"If you can get past the simplistic graphics, youre looking at a very interesting, strategic game. Ive already lost a few hours to it - the kind of hours where you wonder where the time went. Outstanding game!"

Pros and cons of Dream Quest app for iPhone and iPad

Dream Quest app good for

One of my favorite games for iOS. The gameplay is perfect but the graphics could use a revamp. Im sure if they were improved much more people would be playing.
Tons of content (already played four hours or so on just 1/13 characters), interesting and varied enemies, challenging level of difficulty and terrible graphics. If you like board games like Dominion or Star Realms, youll feel right at home. This is some of the best money Ive ever spent for an app, full stop.
Behind the home-brew graphics lies a rich and varied gaming experience built on simple and easily learnt rules. The decks of cards you build for each different class if adventurer have very different feels to them as you play, and as you play through the procedurally generated dungeons more classes and content are unlocked as rewards. This means that you always have something new to try, and every death is a window to a fresh game. Extremely addictive, thoroughly recommended.
Vert nice deckbuilding/rogue-like game. You should really try it :)
Great gameplay and balace - makes it easy to ignore the clunky interface.
If you like magic the gathering you will love this. Apart from bad graphics this game is perfect. It is strategic, it is fun and there is infinite options for infinite hours of fun.

Some bad moments

This game is not deep at all. All the cards do basically the same thing, and there is no strategy behind this at all. It is just hoping that your lucky enough to get some good cards. You have no control over what cards spawn and based on the nature of the enemies with hard counters, you end up feeling like it was not your fault that you lost.
The reviewer who commented on the balance in this game; or lack thereof; is spot on. Good luck getting past level 3. Not a bad concept, just poor execution in this game.
Deep rougelike strategy game with weeks of gameplay. Its been my go to game for about 2 months, you just have to get by the graphics.(: I recently beat the game, if anyone wants a boost you can use the same run i took with this code ------- cy5k9-z93b8-w8hdx-hdp5x
For $2.99 I am satisfied with my purchase of the game, but after playing it for about two weeks now and being unable to advance past the third level, there is just too much luck built into what monsters youll face and what shops and treasures youll find. Often times it doesnt matter how you play, it is just dumb luck of how the levels are created. As some have mentioned, some classes seem completely underpowered and their talents are of little use. Couple that with bosses and enemies that are too powerful, and this game becomes a grind that is no longer enjoyable. Bummer as this game could have been great, but as it currently is Id suggest you stay away unless you like constant failure with no end in sight.
This game is without a doubt my most played game on iOS. If it wasnt for my addition to WOW, it may have surpassed the PC realm too. This game feels like a deck building game mashed up with a rogue-like game which means there will be some games you just want be able to win. I believe those few who complain about lack of strategy are mistaken as there most certainly is plenty of strategy to consider. More importantly is tactics, you have to be willing to change your strategy based on the cards you are offered. Peter, you have got an amazing game here! Please make a Dream Quest 2!
I get the game. I am a big FTL fan - and I don’t mind losing to figure out how to win. I have beaten FTL in all ways possible. I stuck with this game for a bit - but in the end after winning (through many/many/many attempts) with the core characters and the Monk I finally am throwing in the towel. It simply - after 20 tries with the necromancer - stopped being fun. I really wanted to finish the game - and the fact that i didn’t simply makes me wish I hadn’t wasted the hours on it that I did. If you like FTL - this is no FTL. If the developer just took it down a notch, I would have stuck through it. Sorry, I will watch for some updates but without a little nudge in the direction of easier I won’t return.