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A Random Crapshoot

I would really like this game to be more strategy focused than a seeming random crapshoot. You build a deck as you go, your opportunities to modify the deck as you go are super limited, which is fine, until you craft one that wrks to get you past one level and get to the next and realize you can do literally nothing to win. So you lose. Then you maybe get some small pittance of an achievement which helps you a tiny bit and you roll that dice again for the random crapshoot. The leveling is basically busted too. The level of the encounters is not consummate with your own level. This game is really just super rough and needs some help.

Surprisingly good game

One of the most fun games on mobile. If Ascend had a baby with a rougelike, this would be the result.

Gets old fast

I'm close to clearing the second level and I have no idea why I'm still playing. After you figure out how the game works you're just grinding levels, as far as I can tell. Yeah, you get new abilities along the way and you get a little more powerful each time you play, but it's pretty much the same stuff over and over.

Not Deserving of 1-Star!

I will put in a complaint with the App Store. This is a criminal sham and all of the reviews are lies. This game is NOTHING. There are no rules to explain anything, not much even works! This garbage should not be allowed to be sold in the App Store.

Best iOS game

It's been years now, and I am still playing this game. The graphics are hilarious, the gameplay is incredibly deep and merciless, but there are so many achievements to unlock and each one improves the game experience just a little bit more. If you love a well-crafted game, have a sense of humor, and can handle the occasional crushing defeat, this is absolutely the game of the decade.

Best roguelike on iOS by far

This game is pretty much perfect, save for some UI sizing. I’ve played it for well over 100 hours by now, and my only ask would be a sequel <3

Among my favorite games of all time

No other game has delivered as much value for my money.

Fun game

Came across this while reading the updates to Ascension. Saw the reviews so figured it was worth a shot. Like other say, don't let the graphics fool you. It's a real deep game in the genre of Slay the Spire though this game is older than StS. My only concern is that it hasn't been updated in awhile... but I'm still working through the content so I'm not worried (nor bored!)

Don’t let the graphics fool you!

So there I was looking for a cheap game on the AppStore and I had a few bucks. Wasn’t sure what to get so I saw this and it’s graphics and simply had to find out what this was about, there was no way it could be good, right? Wrong! This game is an absolute blast. The mechanics are fun and making a finely tuned deck is super satisfying. However there is one down side. This game can be VERY RNG dependent. It’s nice and fair most of the time but when this game doesn’t want you to win there is NOTHING you can do about it, no amount of skill can save you from bad luck.

What a great game

This game is amazing. It’s got practically everything you can ask for. Long Term Progression, Card Collection, Rogue-like, Achievements, Exploration, Classes, and easy to understand game mechanics. The game itself doesn’t have beautiful card art but honestly it makes me enjoy the game a little more only because it feels like something I’d make. I have a few suggestions to make this game 5 stars. 1. Add more classes and more cards. 2. When picking Random for character select allow us to actually see which character it is before choosing our first floor bonus. 3. After playing for awhile I realized how difficult it is for me to truly enjoy my deck building. Add more levels and maybe have Missionaries Heal for some Gold as well. 4. Changing Teleport while on Cooldown to Rewind. If pressed again you can move back to where you originally pressed Teleport. Prevents from getting stuck behind a monster that’s literally impossible to beat. 5. Have an oasis on each floor maybe 75% of the time. 6. When the character levels up it should give them the option to take neither level up option. I would also enjoy a free card upgrade for every 3 levels. 7. It would be cool to have the option to upgrade spells. 8. Didn’t realize but Level 10 is the cap. This really hurts if you are taking the Ding Talent, maybe allow for any experience gained from monsters at the end of the fight is turned into Health or Gold instead.

Fun, but not fair.

I’d love to rate it higher, but it’s not a fair game. Some situations there are no solutions, and there always should be. Otherwise it’s a complex and enjoyable game to play.

Must get this game!!!

This game is awesome! The only thing that would make this game better is if the dev or someone would port it over to Android. The only bad thing I can say about this game is that it will eat up your time, so play wisely!

A true masterpiece

I love this game. Despite the weak graphics, it’s actually quite excellent and if you enjoy deck building games, this one’s awesome. The RPG elements are icing on the cake.

Wow! Just great.

Super solid and fun


Just like slay the spire. No in app purchases. Beat the game over 30 times. Amazing

Wow, fantastic!

Like other reviewers I am quite a fan of this game. I would have payed more than 2.99 for it. The balance in this game is incredible but begs to be played intelligently. I’ve grown quite fond of the simplistic art and honestly enjoy it just as much as some other games on the market with very detailed artwork. I can’t wait till I get past the second level and get more achievements. Serious kudos to the developer and to his family for their contribution to the game. Has officially taken first above all other games on my phone. Well done!

Seriously impressive

Do NOT be fooled by the art style: Dream Quest is the real deal. The game design of this deckbuilder rivals anything out there. If you’re looking for a deck building game packed with interesting mechanics, this is absolutely for you.

Addicting to play

When you first download the game, you will likely be a little turned off by the graphics. However, if you play through a few times, you will overlook the graphics and really enjoy the game play. I love deck builders and play board games (Clank!, etc.) frequently. It’s my favorite type of game. However, the game has a huge frustration level. I have played this game for over two weeks (approximately 50+ times) and I still can’t beat the second level. I have played on velociraptor, grizzly, and kitten. You would think that I would experience vast differences in game play and would win more on kitten. Not true. The game is so random. I’ll have the perfect deck, then make a stupid mistake.. and I have to wait several (several) games to get another good deck. Health is definitely a factor as well.. you can only purchase/get so much health. Your char will be at 50 (which is good), but, the boss will be at 90 and decimate you. You have an option to select a certain perk at the beginning of the game and it says “you’ll get to choose this several times”. This is often not true, usually you only get the initial perk. On rare occasions, when the perk actually does repeat, I do better in the game as a whole. Love the game.. too much randomness. New boards, new bosses, new cards, new perks every game play. Seems more luck than mastery. I actually wonder about all the other reviews that state it’s so awesome without mentioning the difficulty. Maybe this game isn’t meant for the masses.


I’ve played too much of this. My family is concerned for me. I’d tell them it’s no big deal, but I haven’t found my way out of the dungeons yet. I’ll keep trying and hopefully see my children again. Someday.

Best game on the App Store

It’s the best

Absurdly compelling

There are a few other games out there that aim for this same formula (though honestly, not _that_ many, I wish there were more), but Dream Quest is still the king of it's unique little genre. If you like a game that rewards experimentation and strategy, and with loads to discover, this is for you.

Really good

This dude deserves every cent he makes on this. It’s really good.

People like this game why??

I can get past the graphics. But, it should be noted that they are by far the worst that I’ve ever seen. But, I can’t get past the simplistic gameplay. The enemies don’t move. The cards are unsophisticated. The pacing is horrible. Everything is RNG. Is this some sort of joke? I gave it an extra star in case I missed the punchline.

Fake reviews? Possibly

I do not like Dream Quest. I saw hype about this game for a long time and many people recommending it on Reddit but I'm now suspicious that the reviews could be fake and the Reddit recommendations made by bots and upvoted by bots. There's nothing innovative or special about this game. I read that Activision Blizzard hired this developer after they saw he made Dream Quest but I doubt that. If they did hire him, it surely is not because of this game. Not only does it look bad, but its no more fun than my childhood board games like Chutes and Ladders. I'd actually rather play Chutes and Ladders. Just take my recommendation and watch YouTube gameplay videos before buying this. If I had watched gameplay videos beforehand, I wouldn't have lost $3.

Best Roguelike

One of my favorite games for iOS. The gameplay is perfect but the graphics could use a revamp. I'm sure if they were improved much more people would be playing.


Don’t let the graphics put you off on this wonderful game. ( I actually like the simplicity) This card/rogue/board game is so amazing I’ve been playing for days straight... clear a level close the app and reopen again later. The progression is spot on and the different cards are fun. And FREE with no ADD’s! Come on, what are you waiting for!!!!

Great game

I have downloaded and deleted this game 4 times. Each time I deleted it was because I couldn’t stop playing. Superbly done! The value is incredible. My one wish would be a mode after unlocking everything that you could just fight dreamer with a deck you choose to build.

My Favorite iOS Game

Seriously. Excluding console ports like Final Fantasy Tactics and KotOR, this is my favorite game on my phone. Dozens or even hundreds of hours have disappeared over hundreds of playthroughs. The achievement system is innovative and engaging. The art, while simple, has a lot of charm. The gameplay is unique and insures you never get bored. And the struggle? Oh, it’s real. It took a long time to ‘beat’ the game with each class, and as far as actually taking the legendary Lord of the Dream to 0 HP, in my hundreds of games I have done it exactly three times. A poison-loving Wizard, a Shark Bite and Three Wishes-spamming Scientist, and a Dragon run with unlimited mana and a few Shrinks on hand. I fully intend to be playing this game years from now...unless the dev finally gets a sequel out.

Hidden Gem

Look past the graphics, this is a deep and satisfying card game / dungeon crawl. There are many strategies to learn and greatly varied enemy decks to cope with. It's hard! I'm a seasoned gamer who's used to beating a game and moving on, and this one kicks my butt. But it's progressive because as you fulfill achievements more powerful talents and cards get added to the pool. Even if you were to claim "mastery" it would still be replayable because you're always having to do your best with what you find -- you can't just tunnel a particular approach and force a win.

A lot of potential

This game can be great. It has some great deck building mechanics, and the level of randomness on each play through seems to be just right. It’s become more satisfying to play the more I’ve played it, which is the mark of a game with depth. The graphics are pretty abysmal, which makes me hopeful that an improvement there will make the game that much more compelling. My issues with the design however are what cause me to give this game a 3 instead of a five. The difficulty ramping is abrupt and seems completely unfair. I can get through level 1 with ease, most monsters on level 2 with moderately more challenge, but elite mobs and the boss on level 2 are often ridiculous. I’m not complaining about difficulty; a game like this ought to have serious increases in difficulty. But it happens so suddenly, and the difference is so sharp, that it comes across as a design flaw and not a conscious choice by the developer. It would be a better play experience if I felt I had more of a chance against the level 2 boss. Also, the classes seem a bit imbalanced. The priest seems to be the best class by far, followed by the samurai, who only opens up after many play throughs. If there are more than 5 classes I’m unaware. I never write app or game reviews, so the fact that I am writing this tells me, and should tell you, that this game is worth checking out and playing around with. It’s clear that the developer (1 guy?) put a lot of thought into this little game. So I offer my feedback in the hope that refinements to this indie gem will be coming soon.

Please make a Sequel!!

Love this game!! It's very tough getting started but well worth pushing through. Wish you could replay over or continue more lvls with the same character.

Great game!

So this is a really engrossing game after you get over the graphics. The deck building mechanic is really fun and infinitely replayable.

Amazing Hidden Gem

This game is a work of game design art. It's probably the best "phone game" I have on my phone. You can play it quickly but it is amazingly, amazingly deep. Thank you Peter! Please make another one.

Listen to the other reviews

I normally don't play games that look outdated. This one is amazing, for me to say I've put 10+ hours into a mobile game is no small feat.

Best Game in the App Store

Fantastic deck builder/dungeon crawler. I've got nearly every board game on the app store downloaded, from Agricola to Dominion to Brass. This is the game I keep coming back to. Brilliant design and tons of content.


I absolutely love this game and I play it all the time but there are some cards I think are over powered like the demons corrupt card or the wraiths soul crush (if it hits you once you will lose your defense cards and then it can hit you again and again)

Best game for iOS

Expansion? Sequel? PLEASE

Great deck builder game with rpg elements

Art is not top notch but the game mechanics are solid with tons of replayability. This app has never left any of my many iDevices.

Perfect Low Rez / High Quality Game!

If you have ever loved a deck building game (i.e.: Dominion, etc) you will love this. Endlessly fun and challenging. What keeps you coming back in this rogue-like* game is the unlockable characters and cards/abilities. Wonderfully executed. Found this in a top 10 list somewhere (I think for board games) and gave it a shot after such high praise. Obviously it is lower quality graphics but I can tell you that it just doesn't matter. It would only be nice for a while until you ignored it. Maybe that does matter to you. If it does, maybe you won't get past that. You'd miss out on a great game. Tip: Read up on deck building tips for each class first. It's very helpful. It's easy to get greedy and cram your deck with too much, loosing critical synergy and functionality in the process. The difficulty may not be for all but I found my deck building skills got better and I also gravitated toward certain classes. Now I'm going back to earlier classes now that I know the deck archetypes (think "themes") better. *when you die you start over Update: I love this so much I came back to review it having forgotten I already did. That's how much I love the rich, deep game mechanics and game design. Bravo!

Love love love!

I honestly really love this game. The graphics are horrible, but the gameplay is so well done that it is one of my favorite games. I'm a board game person and love deck building, so this game really hits the sweet spot.

New Favorite Game

10/10 graphics But seriously this game is amazing it may look like an 11 year old drew it, but I have yet to see a game with better mechanics, or more replay ability

Love it! How about a harder level?

This game has been so fun thus far! It's definitely one of my favorites. I haven't completed the game yet, and I've only played on Velociraptor difficulty, but my experience so far has been excellent. I love finding the tricks to strategy for each class, and the different classes provide a lot of variety in play style. The randomized levels keep the gameplay interesting, and there's a lot of satisfaction in progressing. I haven't had to use it, but the option for using achievement points to buy cards seems like a nice alternative to getting stuck. I can't speak for the balance of the two lower difficulties because I haven't played them, but the difficulty of Velociraptor seems a bit light. I was expecting it to be a bit more diabolical! Instead, it's more of a light, happy medium level. I would LOVE to see the release of a harder difficulty. 😈

So Simple, It's Complex

I am a big fan of dungeon crawling games and deck building games, and the more complicated, the better. When a friend showed me Dream Quest in all its simplicity, I had misgivings about it. Now that I have been playing it for a while, I love the game! The game is easy to learn, and a full game can usually be completed within 20 minutes. You can choose between four different classes, and can unlock ten more classes through completion of achievements. Each class has its own starting deck and its own pool of cards available during the game. Though it looks simple, there is actually a lot of strategy involved. You must carefully build and hone your deck to defeat the monsters in battle. The 55 different monsters and 18 different bosses (not all of which you will see in any one game) have their own unique decks, each with their own abilities, including very annoying ones that keep you from playing your cards, change the rules of the game in some way, or simply kill you very quickly. Learning which cards will help more than others in different situations is also deceptively complex. You must rely on your knowledge, careful choices, and a lot of luck to beat the game. I have only beaten it once. There are a few annoying issues with the game that need work. Playing a game between devices is possible, but it requires uploading the game to a server from one device, then downloading it from the server to the other device. There are also a few bugs, but thankfully very few. When playing the Druid class, for instance, several cards will disappear out of your deck when "fighting" monsters, and they are never the same ones. This can make it nearly impossible to defeat certain monsters. Fix the issues and bugs, and we have a top-notch game that should be on every phone and tablet.

Spectacularly well-designed

Ridiculously rich replay value has been built into this well-designed deck building strategy game. The graphics are, to my eye, charming, but they are not the point. The point is the wonderful combat system that requires different strategies for different player types. One of my all-time favorite iPhone games.

Absolutely terrific

This is the best designed iPad game I've ever played. (You will forget about the bad art about 5 minutes in.) It brings something new to deck-building and rogue-likes. Totally addictive.

Awesome Game

I don't write many reviews but felt obliged to for this gem. Superbly well balanced game that I keep coming back to again and again to try and get more of the achievements. One of the best rogue-like games out there!

Careful, this may be the last game you play.

So good you may end up neglecting every other game. Every run feels unique, challenging, tons of achievements to unlock. Awesome fun!

The Greatest Game Ever Made

No hyperbole here. This is the best mobile game out there by a long shot. Incredibly well-designed, tons of depth, near-infinite replayability. I've logged hundreds of hours on it over the past few years, easily. Well worth your money.

super satisfying combat

like everyone else says, don't let the simple art put you off this game. i was skeptical that i could enjoy the game due to the ms-paint quality art, but as soon as you start to get into the deck building and card combat, it's totally worth it. building and using a good deck is incredibly satisfying and unlike any other game i've played.

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